Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Besties born

Come see the New Besties Born in the last couple weeks.  Most still so new they don't have names.
Come to Sherri's Facebook page and put names under each digi for a chance to win that digi.  Too cute to wait?  Buy them now from the link under each digi.


  1. These are just sooo cute, and would deserve some really cute names, but as usual that is all going on on Facebook, even one sometimes wonder why, as there´s still many people, who don´t like Facebook too? So why is all fun for some reason always over there?? Just wonderfing, and not just this blog but it goes for any blogs now a days.

  2. Awesome creations Sherri, I now have the lot apart from the boy grad...luv annie

  3. Wonderful Besties, Sherri - love them all! hugs, de