Wednesday, July 2, 2014

News From Sherri

Hi Lovelies,
I soooooo am over the Moon to share our WONDERFUL NEWS with you !!!!!!!!! I have been waiting to tell you for months... That at CHA Create & Craft TV picked up My Besties range of Stamps and Cd's!
We have an Exclusive line of My Besties Stamps Sets designed JUST FOR Create and Craft TV! ...
My~ Besties are making there TV debut on Create and Craft TV on Saturday the 5th ....Two show on the at 11:00 AM UK time and one at 4:00 PM... Then one on Sunday at 3:00 pm ..
Soooooo save the date and time for NEVER SEEN BEFORE My~Besties Brand NEW Stamp Set!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Create and Craft TV and My~Besties will be giving away GREAT My~Bestie Prizes!!!!!!!!! So don't miss it and be the First to get Your Create and Craft TV My~Bestie Stamps and CD's!!!!


  1. someone record it & send it to me we don't get that station here in Australia

  2. Don't get this in the US, we not in Florida anyway :(

    1. You can view Create & Craft Tv on their web page. There is an app we can download. Thanks for leaving a message.