Friday, February 6, 2015

Paper Straw Heart Arrow Tutorial for your My Besties Cards!

Hi everyone.  I thought i would share a fun quick tutorial with you.  It is simply a Paper Straw Heart Arrow. I've seen so many wonderful cards that the My Besties DT have made using arrows and i thought this would be a fun one to share how to make.

This is what we will be making- * Note i have used Sherri Baldy's Love die to make a special straw heart arrow!

Ready?  Here are the supplies you will need:
Supplies needed to make Paper Straw Arrows. Washi tape, straw, heart punch or die. Sherri's Love die for an added sweetness.

Step one:
Step one: Cut straws in half. Cut washi tape in 2" lengths. You will need at least 2- 2" strips for each arrow. If you would like two different washi tapes on your arrow you will need to cut 2 more 2" strips. Punch or die cut 2 hearts per arrow.
Step two:
Pinch the end of the straw. (*Tip pinch the end you cut because the scissors probably collapsed it anyway, and because if you didn't cut straight, you won't have to worry because it will be covered up by the hearts.) Put glue dots or a strong glue adhesive on each heart.

Step three: 
Attach your hearts, so that the point is facing out like an arrow. Add the second one to the back.

Step four: 

Lay your straw so that the heart is laying flat. Place one piece of your washi tape under the straw on the end.
Step five: 

Place the second piece of washi tape on top of the first tape. Line it up as best you can.. You can see that my ends over lap. Now worries, i will trim that off. 

Step six : 
To make your feather/quills all you do is cut the washi tape. See the top picture for reference.
Cool, huh? Kids love these too! Oh and look i added that special heart from Sherri's Love die! I will use the cut out Love word with my card, like the example i showed you. Now that i have all of these hearts made, i can show you other ways to decorated your My Besties cards!!! 

 Here is how i used my Paper Straw arrow on my Easel card.

 Have a great day!

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